All You Need to Know about Facial Serums.
We are all aware of the hype surrounding facial serums but most of us are still unsure about when to apply them, how frequently or whether at all. People troubled by dryness often overdo it in their attempts to moisturize their skin overnight. Whereas, those with oily skins prefer not to touch serums with a ten-foot pole in order to avoid a greasy look. Here is all you need to know about facial serums and their correct usage. What are Facial Serums? Facial serums comprise of lightweight, moisturizing formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients that penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin. They feel less heavy on the skin as compared to traditional moisturizers as their consistency is more fluid, allowing them to be absorbed more easily. The active ingredients usually include substances ideal for skin health such as botanicals, peptides, and antioxidants etc. What are the Benefits of Using a Facial Serum? The biggest advantage of adding a serum to your skincare regimen is the almost instantaneous hydration that follows. It reduces dryness and allows your skin to breathe. Using it before applying makeup provides a softer canvas for blending foundation, eliminating patches, flakes, and the dreaded streaks. Its long-term use makes pores appear smaller, fades scars and increases your skin’s elasticity, making it firm and supple. When and How Often Should You Use a Facial Serum? The usage of facial serums depends entirely upon your skin type and needs, but as a rule of thumb, they should be applied twice a day. According to US-based dermatologist, Dr. Adam Geyer, the skin should be cleansed and toned before applying a serum. In the daytime, it should be followed by a good sunscreen. The second application should be done at nighttime before sleeping. If your skin is dry, a moisturizer should follow the serum but if you have a combination or oily skin, the serum alone would suffice. What is the Right Quantity? Many of us are guilty of removing the 30ml bottle of serum from our cart due to the hefty price tag. We wouldn’t be so hasty to do so the next time after learning the amazing benefits it provides to your skin with just a drop or two. Yes, that’s right. Since the formula of facial serums is concentrated with active ingredients, the correct amount for each application is just a pea-sized drop. Which is the Right Serum for You? Now that we have covered the basics, you can easily decide which serum is suitable for you based on your individual needs. If you are troubled with acne scars and marks, you need a blend with an active ingredient like Vitamin C or niacin amide to fight the hyperpigmentation. A good option in this category is the C-Vit Liposomal Serum by Sesderma. Moreover, if you are looking to reverse the signs of aging, you need a serum especially designed to rejuvenate the skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines, such as Dermaceutic Activ Retinol 1.0.