Just when we got used to the fact that our skin needed hydration, sun protector and anti-age cream and learned the process of applying it, the new big player in the beauty trend arrived – Anti-Pollution. It is a new department in the cosmetic industry that manufactures skin products that fight the effects of air pollution. And it looks like we really needed it. The terrifying truth is that there is one very real danger for all of us living in big cities and that is in fact the pollution. The pollution in winter is much higher than in other seasons and with the lower temperatures, it greatly affects our skin. That is why a proper care needs to be taken. An important study that was conducted recently showed that pollution causes “increased sebum secretion, dehydration, reduction of the natural antioxidant barriers on the top of the skin and its weakened defensive ability.” Being exposed to pollution can double the damage caused by sun exposure, leads to inflammatory processes, make the top of the skin rougher, accents the hyperpigmentation and dark spots, as well as the fine lines and wrinkles. To better understand the anti-pollution cosmetics, we have answered the most basic questions that you need to know: Is there some magical elixir that will protect us from all those dangers? The cosmetics concept itself that fights against the pollution effects is not new, but it has come into the focus just now because of the extreme situations – like those in China and India, where the citizens of the big cities are supposed to wear masks due to the high pollution. The higher level of pollution all around the world is a global issue that affects all of us, particularly our skin. How do these products protect the skin? The particles from the air dirt can easily get into the pores of the skin, deeply, because they can be smaller up to 20 times from our pores. The anti-pollution cosmetics develop an invisible barrier on the top of the skin that stops the toxins and polluters to absorb into the skin – they let the skin breath. Which are the main product ingredients that fight the pollution? Those are the antioxidants. Their job is to neutralize the influence of the free radicals that create pollution and the UV radiance. What is the difference between the ingredients in the anti-aging and anti-pollution products? The main difference is that the anti-aging products slower the aging process, while the others protect the skin from the negative influences of the environment. However, that is all combined. The negative effects of the environment speed up the aging of the skin. A recent study showed that women who live in the urban environment have 20% more expressed marks and wrinkles from those who live in rural areas. Even 80% of the aging markers on our faces have come out because of the external aggressors like the UV rays, smoking and pollution, and not because of the genetics. If you want to prevent your skin from all the negative factors above, you should really find a product that is rich in antioxidants. And here are our suggestions to try: skin care products Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser Neostrata Matrix Support Avene Thermal Spring Water Bioderma White Objective Fluid Day Care Anti Brown Marks Uriage Roseliane Anti Redness Cream