8 Smart Beauty Hacks to Save Time
Are you a go-getter who wants to run the world but are always running late instead? Hang in there, you are not alone in this! We have got you covered with these amazing beauty hacks for creating an effortless, stress-free look in no time.
  1. Goodbye, Primer
If you struggle with large pores, you wouldn’t be caught dead without your primer. However, you can skip this extra step from your daily regimen when you are in a rush by using a mattifying moisturizer. This miraculous product minimizes your pores, controls oil production and keeps your skin hydrated.
  1. Shimmer it Up
All you need to do to achieve the perfect dewy look is to add a few drops of your favorite liquid highlighter to your moisturizer. Shake the bottle a little to mix it well and you are good to go. Apply the moisturizer all over your face for a glowing, radiant complexion in no time!
  1. Ditch the Foundation
Although a necessity for weddings and formal events, you can easily remove foundation from your everyday makeup routine. The foundation needs to be blended to perfection which is time-consuming, therefore you should use a tinted sunscreen instead which protects your skin from harmful UV rays while giving you a light, airy coverage.
  1. The Perfect Pout
Nothing spells multitasking like lip and cheek stains. These two-in-one products offer a subtle, popping effect while giving you an effortless no makeup look. The best part about these stains is their longevity as they can stay in place for hours without the need for a touchup. Some options include the Benetint by Benefit and the Fearless Cheek Stain by Tarte. If you are looking for something more moisturizing with a sheen, you can opt for a tinted lip balm instead like Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm.
  1. Stencils to the Rescue
Who would have thought we would still be using stencils after grade school? In an age where time is money, stencils are a great way to fill in your eyebrows and master that perfect winged eyeliner in no time! They are not only easy to use but also very affordable.
  1. No More Greasy Hair
If you’re running late and don’t have time for a nice, relaxing shower, say hello to dry shampoo. Not only does it absorb excess oil, but it also gives life to flat hair. Spray it directly to your roots and fluff it a little using your fingertips for a clean look.
  1. Blisters Be Gone
If you want to smell fresh the whole day and walk in your heels without wobbling, surprisingly, you only need one product to tackle both the problems. Invest in a good deodorant to neutralize all bad odors as well as protecting your feet from blisters. Just rub a little amount to the back and sides of your feet to reduce moisture and friction.
  1. Salon-Worthy Manicure
We have all been victims to smudged nail polish due to lack of time. The best way to avoid a mess when you are running late is to dip your hands in a bowl of ice-cold water after applying nail polish. This will instantly dry your nail paint and give it a nice, smooth look.