Dermatologist Tips – Skin Care Mistakes
Top dermatologists reveal the seven biggest skin care mistakes you're probably making when it comes to looking after your skin. Have you ever looked at your old photos and cringe because of all those horror beauty and skin care mistakes you made? Well, your skin can tell a lot about you. Whether you’re using wrong Skin products, not eating right or not getting enough of quality ZZZs, your skin will never lie to you. Ask any dermatologist. In fact, here are 7 skin care mistakes that beauty experts and dermatologists say you should avoid if you want to restore that youthful, radiant glow. (1) Not Wearing Sunscreen Sunscreen Are you planning to head to the beach? Is the sun too scorching outside? Dermatologists recommend that you buy a lotion that’s infused with the right sun protection. If you have sensitive skin or condition like hyperpigmentation, don’t skip sunscreen. In fact, you should consult with your dermatologist to help figure out the best sunscreen for your skin type. (2) Overdoing Exfoliation breaking skin Exfoliation is all the rage right now. Yes, exfoliating and scrubbing will help you get rid of those dull, chalky dead skin cells, as well as restore that radiant and glowing skin. However, don’t go overboard. Too much scrubbing and exfoliation will not only cause irritation and redness to your skin but can also expose it to infections and elements. Buying a high-quality multitasking exfoliator can do the trick. (3) Switching your Skin Routine Suddenly Don’t change your skin routine all of a sudden. That’s will shock your skin – or, worse, cause breakouts on your skin. If you think your skin routine is no longer working for you, ditch your beauty and skincare products one by one; don’t change everything at the same time. For instance, consider changing the lotion first, followed by face cream, and then other products. (4) Not Getting Enough ZZZs Getting plenty of sleep is paramount. It’s crucial for your health, your skin, your alertness, and overall well-being. When you don’t get enough sleep, your skin will become dull, flaky, and pale, not to mention airbags will appear under your eyes. Besides, lack of sleep can accelerate some effects of ageing like wrinkles and skin dryness. (5) Not Using the Right Products Not all skin care products are created equal. According to dermatologists, some beauty products are riddled with harmful ingredients. When shopping for your products, stay away from anything that contains BHA, Triclosan, Parabens, and Sodium lauryl sulphate, just to name a few. (6) Heading to Bed without Washing your Face Did you know that dirt, oils, makeup, and pollutant matter can accumulate on your skin during the day? If you don’t wash your face, hands, and other exposed skin areas before going to bed, these pollutants and dirt can deteriorate your skin’s health and might even cause wrinkles. So, cleanse your face thoroughly before retiring to bed. (7) Not Eating For your Skin Beauty and Health Let’s face it; even the best of us don’t know which foods are good for our skin. That’s why we gobble down junk food and bad-for-us drinks. That’s why you need to load up on vegetables, fruits, omega-3 rich fish, good protein, and healthy carbs. If anything, stay away from processed sugar, alcohol, smoking, and other poor lifestyle choices. These are just but a few skincare mistakes most of us make, according to dermatologists and beauty experts. Avoid these mistakes, and take your skin glow, beauty, radiance, and health to the next level.