#TSS Must-Have - SmoothSkin Bare+

Tired of spending hours removing body hair at the parlour or at home? Not to mention the money spent on products that promise a better hair removal experience. How about getting rid of body hair altogether? There is just something that will help you get rid of body hair in minutes. Yes, that’s right! TheSkinStore introduces the ultrafast IPL treatment — SmoothSkin Bare+ — that helps you get rid of body hair in just 10 minutes. Continue reading to know everything about this ultrafast device.

Benefits of SmoothSkin Bare+

  • Permanent Hair Removal in Just 4 Weeks: Bid goodbye to your routine hair removal routine with this permanent hair removal IPL treatment. Treat the desired area once every week and you’ll notice up to 92% hair reduction in just 4 weeks.
  • Ultrafast IPL: The SmoothSkin Bare+ is ultrafast, as it provides 100 flashes per minute. You can treat your entire body in just 10 minutes. How cool is that!
  • Smart Skin Tone Sensor: This device is absolutely safe and simple, as it checks your skin tone before each flash and will activate only when or if it’s safe.
  • Unlimited Flashes: SmoothSkin offers unlimited flashes, so you don’t have to be worried about running out on flashes.

How to Use SmoothSkin Bare+

When using SmoothSkin for the first time, you’ll need to shave any visible hair before you use it on your body to avoid damaging the device.  Once you are done prepping the target area, you will have to firmly press the device against the skin, keep the activation button pressed and continue gliding it across the area to be treated.

Different Modes & Where SmoothSkin Bare+ Can be Used

There are two different functions for a complete flexible use, that are Glide and Stamp mode. While glide mode is best suited for larger areas like legs and arms, the stamp mode is suitable for smaller areas such as upper lip and under arms. The SmoothSkin Bare+ can be used on areas such as Upper Lip, Cheek & Jawline, Under Arms, Arms & Legs Dry, and Bikini-Line.

Who Can Use SmoothSkin Bare+

SmoothSkin Bare+ can be used by both men and women. People having Light/Pale White, White/Fair, Medium White to Olive, Olive/Mid Brown, and Brown/Dark Brown can use it with absolutely no fear. It is also suitable for people having Blonde, Blonde/Red, Brown, Dark Brown, and Black  hair colour.

Unlike the other IPLs in the market, SmoothSkin Bare+ is ultrafast, easy to use, 5 times faster and extra energy. Need more reasons to buy SmoothSkin? Get smooth skin for a longer time in just 10 minutes, thanks to the 100 flashes per minute. Say goodbye to shaving or waxing. Buy your very own SmoothSkin Bare+ now!