Dental Hygiene with Tea Tree Oil. Why is Alkmene Oral Hygiene Great for Your Teeth
When you think dental hygiene, do you think Tea Tree Oil? No? Then you are missing out.  The benefits of Tea Tree Oil aren't just limited to skin care, but is also great for oral hygiene.Tea Tree Oil has antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These exceptional properties have grabbed everyone’s attention and have become a key ingredient in personal care products over the last few years. The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil are said to control bacteria, avoid tooth decay, plaque buildup and have even been used to treat various other dental issues.

Alkmene has infused pharmaceutical-grade tea tree oil in its oral hygiene products and here is why these products are great for your teeth.

Pharmaceutical Quality Tea Tree Oil: Alkmene’s oral hygiene products include pharma quality tea tree oil that contains less than 5% of cineole and more than 35% of terpinen-4-ol. The formula is made with 98% of natural-origin ingredients that is 84% purified water and 14% ingredients of natural origin. While the remaining 2% of the ingredients aid effective tooth & oral cavity cleaning. The formula possesses a long shelf life.

Based on the latest research: Alkmene’s formula is based on the latest dental research findings and is aimed at protecting your teeth from cavities and tartar. It prevents the buildup of plaque bacteria, relieves inflammation in the entire oral cavity.

A Solution to Bad Breath: There are many products out there that are aimed at oral hygiene but there aren’t many that combat bad breath. Between mints and mouthwashes, bad breath seems to be a constant issue that doesn’t seem to go away. But not with Tea Tree Oil. By addressing the root causes of bad breath, not only does Alkmene’s mouthwash combat the problem, it also leaves you with healthier teeth and gums!

No Harmful Ingredients: Alkmene’s range of oral hygiene products have no harmful ingredients such as Parabens, Silicones, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Lauryl and Carrageenan, because these ingredients can cause serious damage to health. These products aim at providing the user with great benefits without having any negative effects. Hence, Almene ensures that the best natural ingredients are used in our products, that will promote good oral hygiene.

Natural Ingredients: As a traditional brand, Alkmene makes it a point to use natural ingredients that will provide beneficial and long lasting effects. Our formulas are primarily a combination of essential oils and highly concentrated herbal extracts.

Tea Tree Oil is a promising ingredient for better oral hygiene, but the effect of this essential oil doubles when combined with natural, beneficial ingredients. Alkmene has a range of oral hygiene products such as mouth wash, toothpaste and herbal toothpaste that include pharma grade tea tree oil to provide you with the best results. Alkemene’s products are perfect for daily dental care routine, as they offer you with the goodness and benefits of natural ingredients and essential oils. Now that you know why Alkmene’s oral hygiene is great for your teeth, place your order today!