The Waver; Unleashing a New Wave in Hairstyling!

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You can’t say you are ready for an occasion when you don’t have stylish hair accessories to complete your look. A hairstyle without voguish hair tools is like having an Instagram handle without any photos. It’s just BLAH! It is time you take your hair game up a notch with Invisibobble’s revolutionary hair tools. The voguish hair accessories are suitable for any and every occasion. Invisibobble is perfect for every age group, from teenagers to working women, everyone can use the hair ties and other tools to instantly spice up your hair game. But Invisibobble’s traceless hair clips — WAVER & WAVER+ — in particular, have become famous among ladies! The waver is unleashing a new wave in hairstyling and here’s why.

The Hair Game Changer: The waver is the next step to change the hair game since the original Invisibobble. Its unique style and shape stand out completely. It is also the first hair accessory that contains no metal at all, which means no hair breakage. Its smooth surface and rounded edges offer complete comfort and is gentle on the hair. The slide lock technology is pretty remarkable as well. The innovative closure is absolutely effortless and requires just two fingers to open and close the clip.

3D-Helix-Shape: The shape of the Waver is exclusive! The top shape of the waver is inspired by Invisibobble original. While the bottom piece is curved slightly to take the shape of your head, making it absolutely comfortable for you. Unlike other hair clips, the waver doesn’t hold the hair between the two sides of the clip. The space between the top and bottom piece of the clip allows the hair to gently be fixed into place and yet have a firm grip.

They Leave No Traces: Just like Invisibobble’s other hair accessories, the waver also leaves no traces on the hair. You can give credit to its three-dimensional wave shape that guarantees a gentle hold, leaving no traces at all.

Advanced Material: The artificial resin is used for making the waver as well makes stand out from the rest of the hair clips and pins. No more stickiness, grime or moisture in your hair accessories.

The WAVER & WAVER+ are truly the next steps to change the hair game. WAVER & WAVER+ comes in two variants Crystal Clear and Pretty Dark. Both the wavers are similar in every way possible, the only thing that differentiates both from each other is that waver+ is 36% bigger than the 2.0 waver. Invisibobble heard what its customers had to say about waver, took all the feedback and since waver was very well received by all the ladies Invisibobble came back with waver + that has the exact same features as waver. In love with it already? Go get your WAVER or WAVER+, before it’s SOLD OUT! Place your order now!