Hair Breakage Woes? Switch up Your Hair Game With Invisibobble

You think diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Think again. There’s one thing women can’t live without for sure is ‘Hair Ties’.

The fact is that while hair ties are essential, the tighter you tie your hair, the more damage is caused. But don’t worry. You don’t have to cut your hair, instead, switch up your hair game with Invisibobble. Reach out to your knight in spiral armour — Invisibobble — for revolutionary hair accessories that will put an end to all the challenges you have had tying your hair up.

Original — The Traceless Hair Ring

This traceless hair ring has found its way into the hair of girls and guys for various great reasons such as absolutely no kink, zero hair breakage, hair caring and a strong hold — The Invisibobble Original hair tie’s unique spiral shape makes it possible. Be it a workout session or a dance class, Invisibobble hair tie is your companion for any and every occasion.

Why Choose Invisibobble Original

1. Invisibobble is made of polyurethane, popularly known as Artificial Resin. This material is hygienic, as it doesn’t absorb dirt or bacteria, making it extremely easy to clean.
2. You will never have to deal with wet hair ties again, thanks to Invisibobble Original’s material that doesn’t allow water to soak in.
3. The smooth surface of Invisibobble doesn’t allow your hair to tangle, be it dry or wet hair.
4. With Invisibobble Original, you can now try every hairstyle possible in no time without the need for bobby pins.
5. The loss of elasticity of the Invisibobble can be reversed. You just need to keep it out in the sun, on top of a heater/hot towel or in hot water to allow the material to contract.
6. This stylish versatile hair tie can be used to try trendy hairdos and can be used as a stylish bracelet as well.
7. Even after being worn for hours, it leaves no trace in the hair.

Because Invisibobble is that simple! Now that you know everything about Invisibobble Original, go get yours today! Treat your hair with the care it deserves, buy Invisibobble Original.