Top Tips For Skincare In The Monsoons
The monsoon often brings a relief to the sweltering Indian summer but can wreak havoc with our skin. Here are our top tips for monsoon skincare: Basic Skin Care Skin tends to be oily in this humid season and basic skin care products may need to be modified to suit the season
  • Use of a medicated face wash suited for oily skin is beneficial to prevent acne break outs
  • Use of oil free moisturizers as your skin still needs hydration
  • If skin tends to be too oily , then the use of an astringent or toner may be beneficial
  • A mild exfoliating scrub may be used gently once or twice weekly ,as required
Avoiding fungal infections
  • Keep the areas clean and dry
  • Use of anti fungal soaps
  • Use of prophylactic anti fungal dusting powders in the groin areas and feet especially.
  • Carry an extra set of clothing or keep a spare change at your workplace to avoid staying in damp clothing for prolonged periods of time as this can definitely lead to fungal infections
  • Excessive sweating can occur in the rainy season and this can promote the growth of fungus and often can cause a seat rash or prickly heat. Synthetic fabrics are avoidable and cool cotton fabrics that allow the skin to breathe are ideally suited for this climate.
Sun-protection Even though the skies are overcast and it may be cloudy, UV rays are still penetrating and can affect your skin. Therefore, you must still use a sunscreen. Your sunscreen may need to be modified to an oil-free or gel based product to avoid the sticky feeling. Regular application, 2 to 3 times a day needs to be continued, despite the fact that the sun may not be as visible. Hair Care Make sure your hair is cleansed and dried thoroughly. If you find that your dandruff increases in this season, you need to take extra care to keep it clean and dry and a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo may need to be used regularly for this season. Peeling of the skin, especially over the palms and soles can occur in this season. Avoid prolonged or excessive water contact to prevent this. For any persistent skin problems, it is always advisable to consult your dermatologist who will treat your complaint and also advise you on the best skin care products suited to your individual skin type. You can then take care of your skin and enjoy the rainy season.