Theskinstore Secret To Managing Teen Skin
By following our skin care tips for teens, you'll see what you need to do, and what you need to know when it comes to proper skin care. A few tips for healthy teen skin care: Use sunscreen: This will protect your skin and also reduces the early signs of skin aging- namely wrinkles. Premature aging is caused most often by the sun so use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 and reapply it if you are out and about a lot. Moisturize your face: If you have oily skin, then use a light oil free moisturizer after you wash. Most teenagers, especially if they have a bit of pimples (acne) believe that they do not need moisturizers or that the creams will aggravate their skin. Always moisturize after you wash and dry your face. If your skin is very oily, you may choose to just moisturize in the morning. If you have pimples: This is a common teen problem and often requires the help of a dermatologist .Consult your dermatologist, as they will advise you medications to control the acne and also to help reduce the scars. It is definitely advisable to take care of your skin so that your acne can get better. Caution here is that don't buy multiple acne products as there are so many available on the market and some of them can be very harsh on your skin. Use light face washes and moisturizers that are oil free and mild. Ask your dermatologists for product recommendations which are mild yet effective for your skin. All teenagers really need is to keep their skin clean. Not too much fuss with toners, scrubs and astringents for younger skin and these can be quite abrasive. Just a good face wash, a moisturizer suited for their skin type and a sunscreen. Skin care for teens is all about helping teens to be as confident about themselves as they can, and that is definitely a good thing.