Skincare For Namma Metro Travellers
Body odour: It is bad enough having to squeeze ourselves onto crowded carriages or buses, night after night, without the added displeasure of smelling a dirty armpit. So please wash your underarms, shower before you travel and also use antiperspirants and deodorants. It is so much more pleasant to stand near someone who smells nice rather than sweaty and dirty. Bad breath: It is extremely unpleasant to stand close to someone who has just eaten onions and garlic – so eat a mint or mouth freshener before traveling especially if you are traveling with your own friends and colleagues, who are much more likely to be closer to you and talking to you. Hand cleanliness: Hundreds of people will be touching the doors, windows and handles and grips. Carrying a hand sanitizer is a good way to ensure your personal health and hygiene. Use a small pocket size sanitizer in your bag and use it before and after you exit the public transport system. Hand hygiene is critical to preventing spread of infectious diseases in home and everyday life settings including public places. In situations where hand washing with soap is not an option (e.g. when in a public place with no access to wash facilities), a waterless hand sanitizer such as an alcohol hand gel can be used frequently. Some of these products tend to dry the skin, so it might become necessary to moisturize ones hands after that. Clean clothing: Wear clean fresh clothes- you may be unaware of the foul smell of unwashed clothing but your traveling companion will have to smell it. Clean footwear and socks- make sure you wear fresh socks everyday as foot odour can be most unpleasant. The key to body and foot odour is to follow basic rules as you may not be able to smell yourself but others around you may have and they sometimes be too polite to tell you but will keep their distance. Oral habits: Chewing of gum and pan is not always pleasant for other to watch- if you must use these products, then do not spit anywhere and spread infection and dirty the surroundings. Use a tissue or paper and throw it in the dustbin. Do not throw or stick gum on the seats of the metro or on the doors- it is quite disgusting for the next traveler. Wash your face regularly: Oily or greasy skin can aggravate acne or pimples. Carry a small size face wash and wash your face at least once during the day- you will feel fresh and clean and also maintain good skin hygiene. Hair care: Having clean freshly washed hair looks pleasant and also is pleasant for those traveling next to you. Hair loaded or smelling of oil can be unpleasant for your fellow metro traveler. Follow some basic principles of skin care and hygiene and make it a pleasant experience for yourself and everyone traveling with you. Respect rules of public places and amenities and make it a pleasant experience for everyone.