We all certain do love Diwali, it's the foremost anticipated festivals in india, but with it, comes a lot of running around, shopping, cleaning the house to creating it, parties and get-togethers, a lot of sweets & goodies, less sleep and majorly passive stress (when you don’t even notice you're stressed and body is requesting rest & care). Sadly, your skin gets subjected to dirt, pollutants, chemicals and smoke significantly on Diwali day, besides getting dry and dehydrated due to the beginning of winters. So, whereas you spruce up for the festive season take a bit “time out” from the stressful schedule because you and your skin want it. in this article.   Cleansing - Wash your face thoroughly with a facial cleanser or face wash, and pat the skin dry with a soft towel.           Moisturiser - moisturizers do quite simply hydrate. They additionally facilitate defend the skin's natural defenses against the environment. Since winters have just begun the humidness within the air dips therefore your skin would be shrivelled and dry – select a decent moisturiser looking on your skin.           Cosmetics – For people who need to spruce up the glam quotient, there are procedures like microdermabrasion and chemical peels or “party peels” as they're know are a good plan as they provide that much-needed glow and however are safe. For a fresher and rejuvenated look mesotherapy treatments with hyaluronic acid adds to a fresher look for you.         Makeup - Diwali comes with its share of get-togethers and parties and thus the requirement to use a great deal of make-up. Use sensible quality makeup and select what suits you instead of “branded” makeup. a water-resistant makeup, eyeliner and transfer-resistant lipsticks to avoid smudging and marking and a mousse primarily based foundation would possibly suffocate your skin. “ALWAYS” keep in mind to cleanse your make up before you hit the bed, else you're reaching to find yourself preventive all of your pores, leading to a breakout. Use water primarily based cleansers, particularly for sensitive skins (Sensibio water by Bioderma may be a good one).