Here are a few simple instructions to keep your hands young and healthy looking:
  • If you tend to wash dishes and clothes, try and avoid detergent bars, powders, liquids and any other cleansing materials from coming in direct contact with your hands. Use protective rubber gloves before doing these daily chores
  • Do not put your fingers into salt, chili powder, masala and flour. Try and use ladles, spoons and kitchen appliances wherever possible to protect your hands
  • Be practical in the kitchen- try and organize your work and do all the wet work at one shot rather than repeatedly wetting and drying your hands as this leads to excessive drying of the skin of the hands
  • Do not rub your hands dry but pat them dry
  • Keep nails trimmed and clean. A regular manicure at a clean, hygienic salon is beneficial
  • Keep a moisturizer handy and use it whenever you wash your hands and this will hydrate the skin and keep it looking healthy.
Whether for men or women, when you shake hands with someone and your skin is rough and dry it feels uncomfortable. Follow these simple tips and keep your hands moisturized regularly to help keep your skin soft & supple