Adding the Fun in Functional - Great Sprunchies that Care for Your Hair
“My hair tie is super stylish and functional at the same time.”, said no girl ever! But things are about to change, because ‘Fun meets Functional’ with Invisibobble’s Sprunchie. Get the functionality of Invisibobble’s spiral hair ring with the style of a scrunchie. Invisibobble’s range of sprunchies perfectly care for your hair!

What makes Invisibobble your Hair’s new best friend?

Doesn’t Get Tangled in Your Hair: Tired of dealing with hair ties that tangle your hair? Invisibobble’s Sprunchie’s have a smooth surface that doesn’t allow them to get entangled in your hair, thanks to the soft fabric. You can easily remove it without any fuss. These sprunchies are extremely comfortable to wear all day long.

For All Hair Types & Styles: You think girls with straight hair have no hair issues? Well, imagine tying your hair only to redo it in the next 2 minutes. The hair tie is either too tight or loose, and your hairdo just doesn’t stay put, irrespective of the hairstyle. With Invisibobble’s sprunchie, you will never have to deal with issues like this. Pull off fancy hairdos for any occasion in just a few minutes.

Super Functional: No kink, hair caring & a strong hold, be it curly or straight hair, the unique spiral shape makes it possible. It holds all your hair together, no matter which hairdo you are planning to rock.

Stylish & Fun: These sprunchies come in a variety of colours, and its soft, stretchable fabric makes the sprunchies stylish and chic. It goes with any and every outfit. Finish off your ensemble with a fun & functional hair tie. It looks great around your wrist as well. ;)

The Invisibobble Sprunchie is a girl’s BFF for all the right reasons. Invisibobble has a range of exceptional hair tools for all hair types & styles. You don’t have to compromise on your hairstyles ever again. Take your hair game up a notch! Invisibobble — That Simple!